Network (Copy)

Flick a switch anywhere in Counties country and electricity will travel on the national grid to Bombay or Glenbrook then change voltage and take the Counties Power network to your gate - or somewhere near it. This consumer owned and locally operated network has powered Counties homes, farms and businesses for over 90 years.


Counties Power receives power from Transpower at  110kV or 33kV, takes it to 9 sub-stations, then transports it at 22kV or 11kV on the high voltage system to local homes, farms and businesses. 

Lines, poles & cables

The main feeders that carry high voltage power at 11kV and over are mostly overhead lines, with just 10% being underground. Power then travels via the low voltage system, which is 40% underground.  


Power is transported at high voltage for efficiency and transformed  to lower voltages as it gets closer to its destination.   There are around 3,100 pole-mounted transformers and 635 ground-level transformers in the network.

Control system

The network control system is a bit like air traffic control.  The controllers help to direct repairers to the source of faults, keep the work team safe, and manage the flow of electricity through the system. 

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