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Asset renewal

26 October 2016

Counties Power takes safety of our staff and our community very seriously and wants to assure its customers of the robustness of its asset management processes and of the safety of its electricity network.

Our asset management standard is that every overhead pole owned by Counties Power is inspected at least once every 5 years as part of our ongoing assurance programme. The inspections are prioritised based on risk factors of location and age but as a minimum all will be inspected within the 5-year cycle.  We are always looking at improving our inspection practices, including the technological developments allowing for more accurate condition assessment and the practices our teams use out in the field. 

There are 27,500 overhead poles within Counties Power’s network, and a number of other poles in our area owned privately by landowners or by third parties such as Chorus. Around 94% of our poles are concrete and remainder are mainly wooden poles. Counties Power field personnel carry out assessments on poles and apply tags to poles they assess as unsafe or requiring further assessment as part of the routine inspection programme.  A total of 11 poles have been tagged for replacement within the next three months as part of our renewal program.  From time to time we will tag a private service line pole where our field staff come across one that we consider to be unsafe.

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