ICP Request

If there is a connection point on your boundary and you want to turn the lights on, complete the form below

Please complete this form if Counties Power have completed works at your site to establish a network connection point and you are ready to turn the power on. 

Counties Power will generate an Installation Connection Point (ICP) number, which is the unique identifier for your connection onto the Counties Power network.  The ICP number will be communicated to you by email and outline the connection type that has been supplied for your site. 

To get the power flowing, you will need to set up a power account with an energy retailer, they will need the ICP number to set up your account.  Your retailer will then request a meter to be installed and your site livened.  More information about this step can be found here

If you have not yet applied to Counties Power for a network connection point on the boundary of your property, and you are connecting 1-5 lots, you need to complete a new connection design and quote here

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Property details

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DP number (found on your title plan)*
Physical address*

Requester details

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Requester contact phone*
Requester company name
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customer details

Please provide the deatils of the person who will be responsible for paying the monthly power bills with your selected energy retailer.   

Customer first name*
Customer last name*
Customer contact phone*
Customer email*
Customer postal address*

Counties power project number (if known)

If you received a quote and Counties Power have completed work for your network connection point, please provide us with the reference number provided for this job. 


Project number

Energy Retailer 

Please select the energy retailer you wish to have your connection with.  This is a list of retailers who are avaliable on the Counties Power network. 

Energy retailer*

Electrician details

We must pass on your electrician details to your choosen Electricty retailer, this is required for the electricity meter installation and livening process.  


Electrician company name*
Electrician full name*
Electrician contact phone*
Electrician email*

Electrical Supply Requirement

Anticipated usage of connection*
Number of Phases*
Fuse Size*
I/We accept that a copy of this application will be provided to my nominated retailer

Inspection charges

To liven this site, you will need to make a request to your chosen energy retailer.  Counties Power charges directly for the inspection and liven of this site onto the network.   Payment is required prior to the inspection taking place. 

The costs for inspections as at 1 July 2020 are:

Builders temporary supply  $315+GST

Permanent supply  $385+GST


Please select payer


As the legal owner of the property or as an authorised agent for the owner I hereby apply for an Installation Connection Point (ICP) to the Counties Power electricity network. 

Owner name or authorised agent*

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