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Building wiring

The price from your builder and electrician should always include the cost of wiring the building, including the meter board and fuses.  It is the electrician's responsibility to make sure the wiring meets the  Electrical Safety Regulations and the local Requirements for Electrical Installations.  You might like to consider specifying that your electrician also covers the cost of your electrical inspection and meter connection.  That way you are not left out of pocket if they do not pass the inspection first time round.

The only things on the meter board you don’t normally own are  the meters themselves (and in older properties the separate ripple relays).  In some areas energy retailers or seperate metering companies own the meters, but in the Counties area the meters themselves are almost always owned by Counties Power.

 Counties Power chooses modern smart meters that can be read remotely.  Some energy retailers make these meter readings available to customers daily, through a private login to their websites.  Once the whole Counties area has smart meters the company will also be able to find and fix faults faster, using information from the smart meters.

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