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Striking an underground cable is risky and costly. Be safe.  Request a cable plan or location service before you dig.  Counties Power assets are located free.  Other cable locations are priced at $241.50 (including GST).  If you require an additional plan for the same location, this work will be chargeable. 

  • Book your SafeDig cable plan or location service here.
  • It’s best to book at least 3 business days for a cable plan and 5 days for an on-site locate.
  • The SafeDig service shows the approximate location of known underground power cables.
  • Cable plans and locations are indicative only, so please always dig with caution.
  • If you strike an underground cable stand well clear and contact Counties Power immediately. You are responsible for the cost of repairing it which is why it is so important to request a cable plan or location service.


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