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Changes to the Distributed Generation

1 February 2015

The “Electricity Industry Participation Code” changed in February. Two important changes to the law about connecting solar, wind and other local generation that feeds power back to the network are:

  • It is now a legal requirement that the legal owner of the distributed generation  signs the application form when requesting permission to connect distributed generation.
  • Each electricity distributor, including Counties Power, now publishes a list of inverters that are pre-approved for their network.  Using a pre-approved inverter cuts the application processing time down from 30 days to 10 days.

You can see an information pack for distributed generation with a total capacity of up to 10kW here and the information pack for distributed generation with a total capacity over 10 kW here.  Further further technical detail about distributed generation on the Counties network see the technical ‘Distributed Generation Requirements’ document.

Component Headline Changes to the Distributed Generation

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