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If you are moving to an existing house or building where the power is already connected or was connected until very recently, just call your electricity retailer to have the power connected.  If you are planning a whole new subdivision or running power to your own private job, ask for a free quote for getting power to the site and electricity flowing.  Here’s how:

Every project is different, so we'll work with you to understand your specific needs. From your initial application we aim to respond within two weeks (10 working days) and set expectations on design parameters, delivery time frames (for both a quote and an indication on likely construction lead, start and finish times) and in starting the scope process. The size and complexity of the project, and seasonal development demands can also affect our time frames, but we’ll keep you informed.

Your cooperation in providing required information and gathering the necessary consents and approvals from relevant agencies prior to design finalised is therefore really important to a positive outcome for your project.  Once we receive your approved agreement, with payment, we’ll be able to programme the work and give you timeframes for delivery and completion’.  

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