Safe Disconnect Request Form

Thank you for requesting a high voltage or non-standard low voltage SafeDisconnect service from Counties Power.  Please be aware that:

  •  Safety always takes priority, so your booking may be postponed during storms or during fault events.
  •  Where bookings need to be cancelled, priority will be given to those booked for paid services.
  •  Other services like dropping power lines are also available as a chargeable extra.
  • 20 business days notification is required for all high voltage or non-standard low voltage disconnections that affect multiple properties to allow for notification of a power outage.  
  • Disconnection and reconnection usually occur during business hours Mon-Fr 8am - 4pm (excluding public holidays).   An after hours service is available on request.
  • Charges may apply for non-standard low voltage and high voltage disconnections and reconnections.  Costs and acceptance therefore will be discussed with the applicant prior to works being undertaken.

What is a high voltage or non-standard low voltage disconnection?

  • More than one property affected or;
  • Supply is high voltage, 11kV or 22kV.

If your disconnection request does not meet this criteria, please refer to our low voltage standard disconnection process click here.

Service required

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Which, if any other services do you need?
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The planned date is your preferred date for the disconnection.

An alternative date is required should your preferred not be available.  

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Reconnection required?*

If a reconnection is required, please provide a planned reconnection date (this is your preferred date) and an alternative reconnection date, should you preferred date not be available.  This may be on the same day as your disconnection.

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Requester Details

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If you prefer us to contact a tradesperson or someone else about these arrangements, please enter their details here:


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