Counties power discount


what is the Counties power discount?

Counties Power Limited is your local electricity lines company and we own and maintain the lines and other power equipment that brings electricity from grid to your gate in the Counties Power area.  Counties Power is 100% consumer owned which is why we give back to our consumers in the form of an annual discount.


What is happening?

Counties Power is providing a discount to nearly all of its electricity customers who are connected to its network on Friday 1st November 2019.

The discount will be calculated as a percentage of the lines revenue invoiced to the retailer for each ICP in the year to 31/10/19. 

All mass market customers, domestic and business, will receive the same percentage discount. 

How do I qualify for a discount?

To qualify for a discount, you:

- Must be legitimately connected, as a customer of an approved retailer, to the Counties Power electricity network on discount day, 1st November 2019


- Be the most recent occupant at the residence during the qualifying period.

How much is the discount?

The amount of discount each customer receives depends on the quantity of electricity used and lines charges paid at the customer’s current address over the twelve months to 31st October 2019. Customer discount entitlement will not be affected by a change to or from a different retailer.


How will the discount be paid?

The discount will appear as a credit on your electricity bills after the 1st December.


Can I receive my discount as a cheque or cash?

No, all discounts are paid in the form of a credit on your power account.

What about Prepay customers?
Prepay customers will receive a credit on their Prepay account. 

If I change retailers will my discount eligibility be affected?

No, all customers on the network as at 1st November 2019 are eligible for a discount regardless of which retailer they use. 


If I change addresses will my discount be affected?

The discount is paid on the annual consumption at your current address. The reason for this is that it is difficult to calculate the correct discount for customers who move between addresses on our network. This approach is consistent with most other lines companies.


What are the tax implications of the discount?

For most customers, there are no tax implications as the distribution takes the form of a discount not a dividend. 


What if I move out of the area shortly before the discount day (1st November 2019)?

Unfortunately, if you are no longer a consumer in the Counties Power network area, you are no longer a beneficiary of the trust and, therefore, not eligible for a discount.


Further customer questions and who should handle these?

Basic questions can be managed at the various Retailer Call Centres. More detailed queries can be answered by the Counties Power Customer Care Team on 0800 100 202.


What do I do if I have a query about the discount I received?

Please contact Counties Power on line at or by telephone on 0800 100 202. All queries regarding discounts should be made by March 31st, 2020. Absolutely no correspondence will be entered into after this date 





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