Our Approach

Counties Power approach to preserving the environment is embedded in our Environmental Policy. In line with the Policy, we acknowledge that we have a role in minimising adverse environmental impacts through every stage of our operational activities and contributing more broadly to the resilience of the natural environment where we work and live. 


As a network operator we acknowledge that our activities with maintaining and improving our network is reliant on understanding the environmental impacts we have on the surrounding area.  

During the design phase a concerted effort is made to identify potential environmental impacts, where possible establish mitigation measures. The preconstruction planning phase provides another opportunity to identify any additional environmental impacts, establishing mitigation measures.


We promote environmental awareness amongst our staff through training and guidance on topics ranging from pollution prevention to protecting sensitive environments. We also require our contractors to ensure that their staff have appropriate environmental training and awareness.

Engaging with our industry peers provides valuable information that enables us to work towards researching and implementing environmental best practice across all level of the business.

Product Stewardship

Improving and maintaining a robust network is reliant on having sound procurement practices that are supported with understanding the life cycle of a product. This is actively supported by responsible design, use, reuse, recycling and ethical disposal practices.

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