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Home Heating: Focus on plug-in heaters

16 April 2015

As the weather cools you may be thinking about heating.  The most efficient form of heating is a heat-pump as it puts out more energy than you put in.  All other electric heaters put out one unit of heat for each unit of energy, so no one type of plug-in heater is better than another.

The three-step guide to the running cost of your plug-in electric heater.

If you are wondering what your electric heater costs to run, you can follow this guide to calculate the running costs per hour:

Find the ‘wattage’ of your heater - in may be on a sticker underneath and will be something like:

Find the price of your electricity per ‘unit’ or ‘kWh’ - it’s on your power bill and may be something like:

Multiply the wattage (kW) by the price ($) to work out the running cost per hour.  So, if your price is 28.98 cents a unit, running a heater for an hour costs:

1kW (1000 Watts)

1.8 kW (1800 Watts)

2kW (2000 Watts)

24 hour power   28.98 cents per unit

Any time power 28.59 cents per unit

1 kW x  $0.2898 = $0.29 per hour

1.8 kW x $0.2898 = $0.52 per hour

2 kW x $0.2898 = $0.58 per hour

Can you use this approach to work out the costs of other forms of heating?

Gas, LPG and other heaters are less than 100% efficient - which means they put out less than 1 unit of heat for each unit of energy you put in, so you need to adjust your calculation to account for the efficiency of the appliance.

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