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Insulation : Why consider insulation

16 April 2015

Which stays warm longest - the tin mug, the ceramic mug or the Thermos?  The Thermos is well insulated, so its contents stay warm longest.  The same applies to your home.  Home insulation keeps heat in.  That means more comfort, lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.  For some New Zealanders insulation is free, so there is no better time to insulate than now.

If it is a while since your home was insulated, poke your head in the ceiling and check that you do have a thick covering with no gaps or damp patches.  If your insulation is less than 12 cm thick, consider adding an extra layer.  Hot air rises, so make the ceiling your first priority, then look at under floor and wall cavities. 

The government believes a warmer, drier home is a healthier home so it is offering free insulation for low income New Zealanders in an effort to ‘Warm Up New Zealand’ campaign.   You may qualify if:

  • The home owner or tenant has a Community Services Card, and
  • Anyone living in the home is: Under 17 years; over 65 years; or, has high health needs.

You can find out more here or by calling them on 0800 749 782.

Simple tips for keeping the heat in

Heat doesn’t just escape through the ceiling, roof and walls.  To keep heat in:

  • Close off unused fire places                            
  • Seal gaps around windows, fittings and other gaps
  • Close doors to heat just the room you are in  
  • Use thick, well fitted curtains to insulate the windows
  • Seal gaps under doors with a draught stopper.

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