New Connections

Design and quote

Complete this form if you are connecting 1-5 new lots on the counties power network

If you are looking to develop a parcel of land with up to 5 lots within the Counties Power network area you will need to complete this form.  Each new property must have its own network connection point on the network before power can be supplied to the premises.  

All new connections are subject to Counties Powers' capital contribution policy which states that the requestor of a new connection will contribute towards the cost of extending the network infrastructure to ensure a safe, reliable delivery of electricity to your new premises.

  • To connect six or more residential lots, industrial or large-scale commercial connections click here.  
  • If you are altering an existing property, such as an upgrade, downgrade, asset relocation or moving your private service line from overhead to underground click here
  • If you already have a network connection point supplied and you need your ICP number, click here.

new connection site location

The site location is where you would like Counties Power to supply a new power supply at the boundary.  The new network connection point will be in the public corridor and will be placed close to the boundary of the site.  Counties Power does not complete asset or cable installations within private property, for other service providers click here

Are you a machine? If not please enter nothing in here:
Site address*
DP number (found on your title plan)*
Lot number*
Number of new lots*

Requestor Details

Name of the person completing this form*
Company name
Contact phone*

Details of the legal owner of the site 

Legal name(s) of property owner*
Contact phone*
Postal address*


Counties Power recommends that you discuss your connection requirements with an electrician to ensure the correct connection capacity is provided to your sites.   If you have already engaged an electrician please provide their details below:

Company name
Electrician name
Contact phone

Quote Payer 

New connections to the Counties Power network may be subject to Capital Contribution.   

In this section, the billing details of the person(s) or entity responsible for paying the quote or capital contribution should be provided here.   If the details are already provided above please select this from the dropdown list below: 


If the Bill payer is listed above, please select*
Full legal name
Contact phone
Billing address*

Electrical supply Requirements

Anticipated usage of lots*
Number of phases per lot*
Capacity required per lot*
Do you require power to be livened immediately after a network connection point is provided?


Communication is important to us.  To ensure that Counties Power keeps the right people informed throughout the design process, please complete the following section: 

If a designer needs further information, who should we call?*
Who needs to be kept updated on this job?*
Do you require a letter of compliance when the network connection point is available?

Site plans

Please provide a detailed plan of where the new lots will be located, indicating the location of all new electrical points of supply.  Ensure street names and other location information is included. 

Site plan 1*
File upload 1
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Other details


As the legal owner of the property or as an authorised agent for the owner I hereby apply for a new or updated point of supply to the Counties Power electricity network. 

I confirm that I am duly authorised to sign this application and confirm that the Owner agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated by Counties Power Limited and hereby accepts all charges in relation to this application.

Owner name or name of authorised agent*


On submission of this form you will receive notification that the application has been sucessfully received within two business days.  It may then take up to 15 working days for a formal offer and contract to be received. 

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