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Counties Power supports response vehicle allowance for electrical emergencies

23 January 2020
Lines company Counties Power supports a Member’s Bill from MP for Pakuranga Simeon Brown to allow lines mechanics to respond faster in electrical emergencies.
The Bill proposes that flashing lights on response vehicles be used while moving through heavy traffic when responding to urgent electrical call outs, giving faster access to the incident site.  Response vehicles would stay within the speed limits.
Counties Power Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the allowance has merit especially in the high traffic area of Auckland and its growing southern region where Counties Power is based.
“This makes practical sense in our CBD’s and on arterial routes and motorways.  As the Counties area grows exponentially, with large projected population increases and the inevitable accompanying heavier roading congestion, it is essential to public safety that lines mechanics respond quickly to electrical emergencies.”
“Faster access to incident sites for emergency responders from Fire, Police and Ambulance could make a life or death difference in cases where on the ground electrical isolation is needed. This proposed change could save people’s lives.”  
Auckland’s lines company Vector has also supported the Bill. 

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