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Over dimension loads

All over dimension loads transported within the Counties Power network must be notified to the control room using the online over dimension form.


Rules for Transporting a High Load within the Counties Power network area:

  • Transportation of a high load of over 5.0 metres, under raised power lines requires a High Load Authorisation from Counties Power.  This is provided following a request submitted on the over dimension form
  • Where high loads are not travelling via a high load designated route, consideration shall be given by the operator to engage a Counties Power approved escort contractor.

High Load Applications 5.4 meters or over

  • Applications for loads of 5.4 metres or over must be submitted online to Counties Power for assessment unless it can be confirmed that transportation is to follow one of the main routes listed in the designatated high loads routes below. 

Note:     The main routes have a clearance of 5.5 metres.

Designated High Load Routes Through the Counties Network Area are: 

  • From Papakura to Mercer using the Great South Road; Firth St; Bremner Rd; Victoria St; State Highway 22, motorway through to Mercer heading either north or south.
  • From Papakura to Maramarua using Great South Rd; Firth Street; Bremner RD; Victoria Street; State Highway 22, onto State Highway 2 through to Maramarua either north or south.
  • From Papakura to BHP Glenbrook (NZ Steel) using the Great South Road; Firth Street; Bremner Road; Victoria St; State Highway 22; Glenbrook RD: Brookside Rd onto Mission Bush Rd, Glenbrook either north or south.


  • Counties Power will assess each online application within 5 business days.  
  • Counties Power will email an authorisation number to the email address provided in the submitted application.  

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