When building you will normally need to have cables or wires run from the nearest Counties Power pole or pillar to your building.  This is normally done by your own private contractor, but can be done by Counties Power on request.  This connection is called a ‘private service line’ and is owned by you. 

If your service line is being connected to the network on a pole-top you will need a Counties Power line mechanic to connect it up the pole.

All service lines need an electrical inspection. Be sure to ask your contractor if these costs are included in their price to you.

Your private service line is your own property so be sure to have it done well.  Any future repairs and maintenance are also your responsibility and charges may apply for any faults involving private service lines.

Top tips for keeping your service line in good condition are:

  1. Keep trees clear of lines. Most outages on private service lines are due to trees.  Use a safe-work or SafeTrim service to prevent trees or branches from affecting your lines.  Click here for names of professional arborists who may be able to assist wtih tree trimming near power lines.
  2. Underground cables. Locate them before you dig, thrust or bull-doze and if you have any doubt about where your cables are, request a SafeDig service first.
  3. Need help making repairs to your service line?  Counties Power does not usually undertake works or repairs on privately owned service lines.  For contact numbers for people who may be able to assist click here

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