Existing Supply Alteration

If you would like to move a network asset, upgrade or downgrade your own supply or change your connection from overhead to underground, complete the form below

Please complete this form for the following situations:

  • Overhead to underground connection  - Changing the connection into your property from an existing overhead service line to a new underground service.   Please be aware that Counties Power no longer allows pole top connections onto the network. 
  • Upgrade or downgrade an existing supply - if you have a connection already on the Counties Power network and you need to increase or decrease the amount of electricity your supply draws you will need to apply here. 
  • Relocation of an asset, including removal of redundant infrastructure - if you would like a quote for the relocation of an existing Counties Power network asset, complete the form below.  Counties Power will then assess the feasibility of the request and provide a quote for relocation where possible. 

site details

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Requester Details

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Legal Owner

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Quote payer

In this section, the billing details of the person(s) or entity responsible for paying the quote or capital contribution should be provided here.   If the details are already provided above please select this from the dropdown list below: 

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Reason for this request

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asset details

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Communication is important to us.  To ensure that Counties Power keeps the right people informed throughout the design process, please complete the following section: 

If a designer needs further information, who should we call?
Do you require a letter of compliance when the network connection point is available?

additional information

Please provide any futher information regarding your request, for example for capacity changes, what would you like to increase or decrease to?  Reason for an asset removal/relocation. etc.

Additional information

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