Vegetation - 'No Interest' Request

Declaring no interest in a tree that is affecting network lines is goverened by Regulations 15, 16 & 17 of the Electricity (Hazards from trees) Regulations 2003.

To be eligible to declare “No Interest” in trees on your property, the tree must be able to grow to within the notice zone of the overhead lines and meet criteria stipulated within the regulations.
After consideration, if Counties Power accepts a 'no interest' notification on a tree, as the tree owner you are accepting that the tree may be cut or felled by Counties Power or one of its contracted partners.   This work is undertaken at no cost to you. Should access not be granted to the declared tree, the 'no interest' agreement will cease to exist and ongoing responsibilities to manage growth will revert to the tree owner.
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Trees to be considered as 'no interest trees'

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At the time of planting, I/we (being the person who planted the tree), considered whether the tree would interfere with the power lines and having considered this issue believed that the tree, when fully grown, would not interfere with the power lines near which it was planted for the reasons outlined below

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Declaration of 'No Interest'

I/We request Counties Power’s advice as to whether the tree(s) identified above are eligible to be “No Interest Trees” under Regulations 15 and 16 of the Regulations; and that Counties Power considers this request and advises if this tree is eligible to be a No Interest Tree.

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