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Water-heating: The 5 minute shower challenge

16 April 2015

We’re not sure who started the 5 minute shower challenge, but we do know it’s popular among sustainability
groups and that taking shorter showers does help trim your energy costs and your water bill.

In the UK and the USA this challenge is so popular you can buy 5 minute egg-timers for the bathroom wall.   One US university hall of residence calls these “shower coaches”.  If you are committed to saving money or helping the environment, lack of a “shower coach” won’t stand in your way.  Here’s some 5 minute shower tips collected from environmental websites and bloggers:

  • Start by getting a handle on current habits - time your showers for a week
  • Then, set your mind, and your timer, on getting finished in just 5 minutes
  • If you have music while you shower, choose a playlist that’s 5 minutes long
  • Don’t go it alone - create a power shower competition with friends and family
  • It takes 30 days to establish a habit, so keep timing yourself for a whole month
  • Turn to the internet for tips - there’s even a wiki guide to showering quickly
  • If you are already a power shower master, try a 3 minute ‘Eco-Olympian’ shower.

Several 5 minute advocates say unexpected spin-offs of the power shower are saving time and not being late. 
For extra water and hot water savings also change to a low-flow shower head.

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