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When this month's power bill is higher than the last

16 April 2015

Every now and then someone calls up Counties Power asking why their latest power bill was higher than usual.  That’s something you need to talk to your energy retailer about.  Before you call them, think about whether any of the ‘usual suspects’ apply to you:

  1. Estimated accounts
    If you’ve had two or three estimated accounts that were a bit low, your next meter reading will mean a higher bill.  That’s because it will include this month’s power, and the rest of the power you used but haven’t been billed for yet. 
  2. Extra people or new things
    More people usually means more power use - especially if those people are visiting teens who take long showers or the new baby whose room you decide to keep heated.  
  3. Expensive habits
    Most people struggle to know which habits are expensive habits.  If your power bill feels high, have a look at the tips here.  Some simple changes to how you use power could make the difference you need.

Component Headline When this month's power bill is higher than the last

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